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Custom coaching packages start with 3-month engagement for one on one coaching. We do a 'Character Foundation Assessment', set goals, create actions and expectations. We define entrepreneurship as 'those who make it happen' and begin what could be called 'success training' - or in some cases 're-training' from negative habits.

Basically we're asking 'where are you' and 'where do you want to go?' 

For the definition of business entrepreneurship we don't need to be business owners alone - just be up to something!

Your Business Success Training starts as soon as you call or email

New Release!

Announcing the pending release of 'If It's To Be: The Entrepreneur's Mindset', a concise and inspiring e-Book meant to 'prime' the pump' for solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, or just those who want to be more 'causative' in their lives.


"From the ownership transfer to staffing up our management, we couldn’t have done it without you.  You have been a tremendous asset."

Chicago area manufacturer

"It has been an honor to work with you . . . You have taught me and gave me some great valuable advice that I will truly use from now until forever.  I hope that we said thank you enough and if not here is your big thank you"

Chicago Business Owner

"If you are looking for someone to help you uncover what truly exist within you, what you already know…Then he is the guy. Everything in our lives is just waiting to happen. It is up to us to make it happen…we just get stuck!"

Health Coach

Character Foundation Assessment

Working with the Peirce Group. I administer and debrief their Character Foundation Assessment. This 'CFA allows me to get further in one session than is sometimes possible in several. $350 first session includes online assessment and a one on one debrief. Guaranteed results!

Resources and Friends

Human Resource Outsource - Leverage People

Leverage People can help you, your team – and ultimately your business — live up to their greatest potential. We help create best practice solutions around your needs, whether you sell products or services, whether you need to build your people strategy or change it, whether you have a challenging culture or one that needs to be built. 

Hone your message with David Telisman

You have a product, service, idea or all of the above. Your message has to be strong, honest and connect emotionally with your audience. It needs to move through the proper communication vehicles. A carefully crafted message prompts people to take action, like making a purchase, scheduling an appointment, or committing to plans. We make your products, services, and ideas easy to understand, so your audiences find them relevant and meaningful to their needs. We create content on budget, on time, and on target.

Planning and Strategy with GPS Creative

GPS Creative applies a unique toolbox informed by the science of creativity and change leadership to help organizations tackle the three key elements of strategic change: Insight, Innovation and Implementation. Along the way, our clients have thanked us for helping them develop the community trust and engagement necessary to realize those plans.