Executive Training and Development

Leadership Development

As Lead Facilitator for Workstone I have spent years working with some amaziingly talented managers. My job has been to help them get to their next level, encourage teamwork, build best practices and develop the next generation of leaders. With Workstone, we're making that happen and creating 'wins' for our clients every day.

Solution Focus

This is an 'in the job' training that follows a structure, but is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the team. Through weekly conversations we brainstorm ideas, create challenges and develop new skills that produce REAL and ACTUAL RESULTS. Our clients know that we will not just talk about ideas, but cause change to happen.

We teach them not to get stuck on the problem, but to move quickly toward the solution. Our executive training and development programs are proven to create more success than traditional business and management consultants might offer in any other senior executive training and development program.

It just plain works!

The phrases 'what's important' and 'what works' describe what we teach managers. It also describes the way we teach it to them. When it comes to developing great managers, we've spent years learning what's important and what works.

Practical skills are important. Character strengths are important. Clarity about values is important. Interpersonal styles and decision-making styles are important.

Small groups work. Facilitated phone calls work. 18- to 36-session programs work. Tightly-focused weekly readings work. Collecting regular feedback works. Straightforward tools work. Most important, helping people to learn from their own work-in-progress works.