Books by James

Entrerpreneur's Guide

Get inspired, motivated, engaged, empowered, but most of all, get sh*t done. Written by an executive coach with 20 years experience helping people understand the difference between excuses and results, this book will re-set your 'make it happen' mindset. Whether you're an entrepreneur or just someone who want to take back the power and authority in their life, this book will give you what it takes to shift your mindset to a more powerful outlook. You have never read a book like this one

Self Coaching Model

The Hamlet Secret is a personal development workbook inspired by one of the greatest literary works of all time. For example, Hamlet's quote: "There is nothing, either good or bad but thinking makes it so", becomes a short lesson in self empowerment and is followed by a self-directed journaling exercise. This book is for anyone interested in learning a little more about themself, unleashing their inherent personal strength and embracing a life of joy and passion. You don't have to know Shakespeare to get value from this book!