About Us

James M. Lynch

I've owned many businesses over the years, coached sales, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and, in general, people who are 'making it happen'. Many of my clients are people doing so much with a small team and keeping the energy and passion of business alive!

Twenty years in the making!

I've worked on my own, led and been on teams, do corporate training on a large scale, and the thing that clearly generates success is the attitude 'if it's to be, it's up to me', that solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs OWN. Whether or not you work for yourself or someone else, the GUARANTEED PATH to success in any situation is to embrace your own solo-preneur spirit and create results!

Everyone deserves their own professional business consultants! We're coaching management style, personal goal setting and how to build your 'reach' to ensure success.


Only 4% of American businesses ever exceed $1 million in sales revenues. With all the solo and small business owners out there we need to make sure there is a place for them to have access to real and practical coaching, to a community of others who are also making it happen, also creating a business and living a vision. At SOLO-Preneur we'll make sure you get amazing resources to support you and have you WIN!


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