I have clients who are angry, disappointed, frustrated, and a host of other negative emotions. They seem to think that things won’t get better and, in a way, perpetuate the condition, including fanning the “flames” of employee malaise. I want them to be able to use the energy, but not spread negativity, so my invitation to them is to transform it.

Transforming looks like this:

Anger becomes Passion. It’s a flip of the coin, actually, so that you share your passion for results with others without “landing” your negative energy on them or the situation. Ask them if they are at stake in getting a result and what they’re willing to do to get it done. Invite them to brainstorm, set goals and dream big with you.

Disappointment becomes Accountability. Let people set their own deliverables and “by when’. Then hold them accountable by asking them if they hit their goals. If they DON’T hit their goals, ask them if they want to re-align, if they need help, what’s missing, etc. and get at stake with them creating a win for themselves.

Frustration becomes Desire. State a problem and ask for help. For instance, it seems we’re always shipping product the “week of” rather than “day of” and I don’t know how to shift that in our culture. Can anyone suggest how we can ship sooner?

Impatience becomes urgency and so on. You’ll see that this is not just a “nice idea” but it’s also a way to get more done. The energy it takes to remain angry or the energy drain of disappointment can’t be maintained for long. You’ll not only burn out, you’ll burn out those around you.

By the way, the list of books that support this idea is so long that I couldn’t even begin to list them here. What I challenge you to do is to find ONE book that supports a contrary opinion.

If you need help, contact me, but the power to transform your organization is already in your hands.