I’m making it simple these days – one rule to follow: Are you above or below the line?

What is the LINE? th-21The line is the division between positive and negative. Above the line is about learning, being open to new ideas, generating energy, listening, taking time and effort to communicate better, giving people the benefit of a doubt, motivating others, taking care of details, being conscious, being thought-full . . .

Below the line is shutting down new ideas and input. Below the line are behaviors identified as stagnant, protective, insular, negative, critical. This is where blame, excuse making, illness and close minded happens.

And while I encourage people to be above the line – all of the time – we have to admit that sometimes we’re drawn below the line and deal with it. The first step is to be aware (isn’t it always) that there is a line and choices to be made. Yes, it’s a choice to react in a certain way and everyone can change their ‘automatic’ settings at any time.

I credit the book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success, by Dethmer, Chapman, Klemp, (https://www.amazon.com/15-Commitments-Conscious-Leadership-Sustainable/dp/0990976904) for reminding me of this principal and their book is great, but the ‘above/below’ the line conversation is as old as the Ten Commandments, when you think of it, and is easy to practice.

So that’s the challenge. Spend the next couple of weeks in the awareness of every choice you can make leading you either above or below ‘the line’. If they’re both above the line? Well, which one will generate the most energy, good, possibility and – why not choose both?

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