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Star of Your Own Life™

Star of Your Own Life™ Coaching Sessions

Inspiration and Motivation for Real People in Real Life

We all play many roles in life: son or daughter, boss or employee, parent and spouse. With Star of Your Own Life™ we do an analysis of the “character” you’ve been playing up until now and then map out the “Star” you’ve always wanted to be. Our tools recreate a powerful way of thinking and acting in real life, help you set goals or “objectives,” like an actor playing a part, and plan the “intentional actions” that will produce a “win” in anything you set out to accomplish.

Since creating this nearly 20 years ago I’ve shared this model with actors, career changers, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders, all with breakthrough results. Join a team of others in a 13-week course, with online or phone sessions, and take on the “next level” of your own performance. Let’s set you up to be a STAR in your own life!


SOYOL is also a dynamic coaching program designed to take you to your next level.

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Your Career in Coaching

Star of Your Own Life™ Coaching Training

After completing the first 13-week Star of Your Own Life™ program you can take it to the next level with our 13-week Introduction to Coaching program. Learn the basics of coaching in the SOYOL model, with a deeper look at the tools you can use to help people create transformation and breakthroughs in their own lives.

Each participant continues the work of the Star of Your Own Life™ Coaching Sessions and creates breakthroughs in their own life, while learning how to share this material with others. Successful completion of the program comes with a certificate and then a mentored/supported series on creating a part or full-time coaching practice of your own.

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Publications: “Islands of Safety” and “The Hamlet Secret”

Inspirational, motivational essays for real people in real life

“Islands of Safety” is a compilation of articles originally published on The Huffington Post over five years as a blogger, including “Islands of Safety,” how to create “safe harbors” in the Inconsistent Sea, to topic-driven articles like leadership, time management, productivity, goal setting, inspiration, motivation and life coaching.

The Hamlet Secret: A self-directed workbook for living a passionate, joy-filled life

“The Hamlet Secret” is a personal development WORKBOOK inspired by one of the greatest literary works of all time.

For example, Hamlet’s quote: “There is nothing, either good or bad but thinking makes it so” becomes a short lesson in empowerment.

Transformational Keynote Speaker

Hire Me to Speak to Your Group

As a former actor/director/producer I’m comfortable in front of an audience and address my role in this task seriously. Whether you’d like a facilitated discussion on a topic of your choice, a motivational talk or setting the context and moderating an active question and answer session, I’ll bring a professionalism and vibrancy that delivers.

Presentation Training and Support

Need to make your ideas clear or hone your own presentation style?

  • Develop an inspirational and motivational speaking style via one-on-one training or a singe-day onsite presentation training for your top people.
  • Bring the passion back to presentations and set the stage for a sharing that no one can say “no” to.

Facilitating ★ Consulting ★ Coaching

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Facilitator/Group Learning

With Workstone Management Development as lead facilitator and Master Level coach. We work closely with corporate leadership to grow and develop senior staff members to their fullest potential. Our sessions are based on the principle of “Salutogenesis” in a business context: focusing on factors that support health and well-being, rather than on factors that cause disease.

Generational Transition

Privately held family businesses have a 30 percent survival rate of surviving their first generation hand off and a 10-12 percent rate on the second turn. Being there to support the parents letting go and the children stepping up is a pivotal role that’s been both highly challenging and extremely rewarding.

Executive Coach for Business Leaders

As a former Chief Training Officer in charge of training and cultural development I am honored by the opportunity to help others grow and develop to the best version of themselves.

Are you successful because of, or in spite of behaviors or tactics that you control?

As your executive coach, I work with you to take stock, redesign and reinvest your efforts on a higher level.

Take Stock, Redesign

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The Character Foundations Assessment™

The Character Foundations Assessment™ helps diagnose the strength of your personal values foundation and provides a blueprint to strengthen the infrastructure of one’s character.   » Learn more

I have had great success in using this tool offered by The Peirce Group, and have been certified by Grant Peirce himself to debrief these very useful tools. Participants have accused me of using a “crystal ball” during sessions due to the accuracy of information available through this process.

The CFA allows us to discern and pinpoint patterns of thought or behavior that might be holding you back. With the results of a CFA we can pinpoint areas of development for focused attention.

Free Personal Coaching Tools — James M. Lynch Blog

3 Cancers That WILL Kill Your Business

You watch your personal health for signs of sickness – checking your blood pressure, having a blood test, getting check ups, etc., but are you able to ‘diagnose’ threats to the health of your business? To make it simple, let’s focus on the three main cancers that can kill your business, or at the least rob it of its vitality. If you want to consider this for your personal life and not your business, these are the three things that can rob you of your personal vitality and joy.

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Transforming Anger

I have clients who are angry, disappointed, frustrated, and a host of other negative emotions. They seem to think that things won’t get better and, in a way, perpetuate the condition, including fanning the “flames” of employee malaise. I want them to... read more

Say Anything, but Say it THIS Way

I’ve covered this before but it’s such a simple formula and it works so well that I want to offer it again. I do this in hopes that all of you can see for yourself how much easier it can be to say anything, even have a difficult conversation, and decide... read more

Taking Stock

Last week my wife, Riv, and I had our 17th wedding anniversary. One of our gifts to each other is a box in which to keep our ticket stubs, receipts, mementos and little reminders of the coming year. Next year, on our anniversary, we’ll open the box and review... read more

James M. Lynch

I’d earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from DePaul University’s prestigious Theatre School and was enjoying a career as a director and actor, but had never found a way to become truly successful — whatever that meant to me then. Looking for something more, I’d been introduced to a series of self-leadership courses. I realized that what makes a character dynamic on stage could be directly applied to situations in real life. I could “direct” people in life and help them find their own “stardom”!

I began to take more classes, find teachers and mentors, and soon was a full-time executive director of a self-leadership training company. I even dove into a corporate leadership position to prove in actual practice the theories we were sharing in our training sessions. With my coach and mentor I began to train with other companies, preparing to move from one company to full-time self-employed coaching. And it only took about 20 years!

In short, a 13th born Irish Catholic who trains to be a theatre professional, moves into leadership training and facilitation, then sales and corporate leadership and winds up owning his own company as a Modern Orthodox Jew with three children living in a Chicago North Shore community, should know something about setting goals, personal transformation and creating new possibilities.

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James M. Lynch Coach is the way coaching becomes manifest in reality and I invite you to come along on the journey you’ve been waiting to start.

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