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Inspirational and motivational personal and executive coach Coaching and training for real people in real life with James M. Lynch
Inspirational and motivational personal and executive coach Coaching and training for real people in real life with James M. Lynch

The Character Foundations Assessment™

The Character Foundations Assessment™ helps diagnose the strength of your personal values foundation and provides a blueprint to strengthen the infrastructure of one’s character.   » Learn more

I have had great success in using this tool offered by The Peirce Group, and have been certified by Grant Peirce himself to debrief these very useful tools. Participants have accused me of using a “crystal ball” during sessions due to the accuracy of information available through this process.

The CFA allows us to discern and pinpoint patterns of thought or behavior that might be holding you back. With the results of a CFA we can pinpoint areas of development for focused attention.

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I’m making it simple these days – one rule to follow: Are you above or below the line? What is the LINE? The line is the division between positive and negative. Above the line is about learning, being open to new ideas, generating energy, listening, taking time and...

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Coach: working out is good for your business

When I’m working out and getting tired, or sore, my mind begins to work. It wants to convince me that I set my goal too high, that what I’ve done is good enough, and a bunch of other excuses. So when I’m working out I’m reminded of what my executive coaching is like with clients – the goal is too hard, it’s taking too long, etc. But the mindset needs to come from a commitment to the long-term results.

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3 Cancers That WILL Kill Your Business

You watch your personal health for signs of sickness – checking your blood pressure, having a blood test, getting check ups, etc., but are you able to ‘diagnose’ threats to the health of your business? To make it simple, let’s focus on the three main cancers that can kill your business, or at the least rob it of its vitality. If you want to consider this for your personal life and not your business, these are the three things that can rob you of your personal vitality and joy.

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Transforming Anger

I have clients who are angry, disappointed, frustrated, and a host of other negative emotions. They seem to think that things won't get better and, in a way, perpetuate the condition, including fanning the "flames" of employee malaise. I want them to be able to use...

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Say Anything, but Say it THIS Way

I've covered this before but it's such a simple formula and it works so well that I want to offer it again. I do this in hopes that all of you can see for yourself how much easier it can be to say anything, even have a difficult conversation, and decide for yourselves...

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Taking Stock

Last week my wife, Riv, and I had our 17th wedding anniversary. One of our gifts to each other is a box in which to keep our ticket stubs, receipts, mementos and little reminders of the coming year. Next year, on our anniversary, we'll open the box and review the way...

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James M. Lynch

I’d earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from DePaul University’s prestigious Theatre School and was enjoying a career as a director and actor, but had never found a way to become truly successful — whatever that meant to me then. Looking for something more, I’d been introduced to a series of self-leadership courses. I realized that what makes a character dynamic on stage could be directly applied to situations in real life. I could “direct” people in life and help them find their own “stardom”!

I began to take more classes, find teachers and mentors, and soon was a full-time executive director of a self-leadership training company. I even dove into a corporate leadership position to prove in actual practice the theories we were sharing in our training sessions. With my coach and mentor I began to train with other companies, preparing to move from one company to full-time self-employed coaching. And it only took about 20 years!

In short, a 13th born Irish Catholic who trains to be a theatre professional, moves into leadership training and facilitation, then sales and corporate leadership and winds up owning his own company as a Modern Orthodox Jew with three children living in a Chicago North Shore community, should know something about setting goals, personal transformation and creating new possibilities.

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